Some great garden-decor sites, showing how to make your garden, lawn or yard fun to be in. Others are just about making the world a fun place to live in.

This site gives you a great background, both historical and technical about Whirligigs,it even shows you how to make them, (it's the best on the internet.) So go ahead and have a go!

These sites shows what can be done if your are looking for a unique fusion of science and art, conneced to windpower. The first site was created by the Science Museum of Minnesota and shows Vollis Simpson and his  windmill-powered whirligigs. Be prepared to be amazed, this is folk-art at its most imaginative ! A Vollis saying "[I've been a] farmhouse mover, electric welder, carpenter, the list goes on. If you don't try something, you don't learn anything. Common sense. You come across a lot of these people that know so damn much, sometimes you find out they're dumber than I am..." 

The Wikipedia site with links to all things Whirligig...I love all the various spellings of the name.

From the PBS Foundation of America this great site, shows "Backyard Paradises" from around the world. It shows, quote; "Visionary art  . .outsider art . .self-taught art . .which is work made by people who didn't necessarily go to school to be artists. They usually don't even think that what they're doing is making art—they may simply think they're decorating their houses or yards or painting signs. " So be inspired, and take a look.

A US blog that shows all sort of "Vernacular Culture, or just plain Weird Ideas. Some interesting stuff on Folk-art. Oh dear, I'm getting confused after viewing this site, its a work of art, itself. 

This website is devoted to Creative DIY, Garden Art, Craft Projects & Ideas; also has a good blog.