The designs of our 'Whirligigs' range from the traditional, which depict rural activities found in all countries, to designs which appeal to popular hobbies and pastimes, such as horse riding, golfing, fishing and sailing. There are also seasonal designs such as Christmas or Halloween, providing all year round appeal to decorate your garden. 

Our Whirligig Range

Our Wooden Whirligigs (or as we prefer to call them Whirlies) are a completely unique product to decorate your garden in a fun way. Our Whirligigs come in an exciting colourful range of different designs, so come in and discover one that matches your interest or hobby. Or give one to a friend, as an unique fun gift that matches theirs.

Classic Whirligigs; These timeless classics add a bit of fun to any garden or yards deck.

Nautical, Fishing and Bird Whirligigs; The great outdoors! (if you are a sailor, angler or nature lover, these are for you.)

Holiday Whirligigs; When you need a little colour on those cold winter days.

Sports Whirligigs; Lots of action for sporty types.

Auto Whirligigs; Start your engines, and take these for a spin.

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